Command and Control Cyber Security (C3S) is determined to ensure that every network, whether it be your home, small business, or commercial business, is as secure as possible. As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we will provide you with actionable intelligence with respects to the vulnerabilities that are present within your devices and even go so far as detailing the methods a hacker will use to gain authorization and take control of your network.

Specializing in vulnerability analysis, cyber threat intelligence, penetration testing, and  active defensive measures, our custom payment options provide you with absolute flexibility and variability as you determine how much data you’d like. All services can be provided for home, small business, or enterprise networks.C3S looks forward to working together so that we may curtail network vulnerabilities and the threats who intend to exploit and misuse your network.

Are You in Command of Your Network? Are You in Control of Your Information?